What We Do

Students’ Accommodation Apartments:

Tailored cleaning solutions for student living spaces. Our services ensure a clean and comfortable environment, promoting a conducive atmosphere for focused study and relaxation.

Private Accommodation Houses:

Comprehensive cleaning for private residences. From bedrooms to living areas, we bring a meticulous touch to ensure your home is a haven of cleanliness.

Private Tenant Accommodation House:

Efficient end-of-tenancy cleaning services. We prepare rental properties for new occupants, ensuring a seamless transition and leaving a positive impression.

Care Home Accommodations:

Sensitive cleaning for care environments. Our team understands the importance of cleanliness in care homes, delivering services that prioritize hygiene and resident well-being.

Letting Agents’ Accommodations:

Dependable cleaning solutions for rental properties managed by letting agents. We maintain properties in top condition, enhancing their appeal to prospective tenants.

Housing Association Accommodations:

Scheduled cleaning services to meet housing standards. We work closely with housing associations to ensure properties are well-maintained and hygienic for residents.

Property Home Developers:

Post-construction cleaning for property developers. Our services prepare homes for showcasing and sale, highlighting the quality and cleanliness of your developments.

End of Tenancy:

Thorough cleaning for end-of-lease requirements. Our services leave properties spotless, meeting the standards expected during the transition between tenants.


Regular and efficient office cleaning services. We create a clean and organized workspace, promoting a safe, healthy and productive work environment.


Detailed cleaning services for educational institutions. We prioritize the cleanliness of classrooms and communal areas, creating a hygienic space for learning.


Post-event or regular cleaning for entertainment venues. We ensure a clean and inviting atmosphere, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Sports Centre/Gyms:

Sanitary cleaning for fitness facilities. Our services maintain the cleanliness of equipment and spaces, promoting a healthy workout environment.

Shopping Mall/Supermarkets:

Daily cleaning to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. We focus on public areas, lifts, escalators, washrooms and floor care contributing to a positive customer shopping experience.

Pubs/Club Houses:

Specialized cleaning for hospitality settings. Our services maintain cleanliness in entertainment, eating, washrooms areas creating a welcoming, safe and relaxing atmosphere. 

Train/Bus Stations:

Cleaning for high-traffic transportation hubs. We provide prompt and thorough cleaning services to ensure a clean and safe environment for travelers.

Event Venues:

Pre and post-event cleaning services. Our team ensures event spaces are pristine before gatherings and swiftly cleans up afterward.



Deep cleaning for office carpets. Our services include stain removal and carpet restoration, revitalizing the appearance of your workspace.


Revitalizing carpets in residential spaces. Our quick-drying methods minimize disruption, ensuring a fresh and clean look for your home.

Events Venues:

Thorough carpet cleaning for special occasions. We contribute to the overall appeal of event spaces with our carpet cleaning services.


Respectful and thorough carpet cleaning for religious spaces. Our services uphold the sanctity of these environments.


Maintaining clean and safe learning environments. Our specialized cleaning ensures educational spaces are hygienic and conducive to learning.


1 Month – 11 Months @ 0% Discount:

Flexible short-term cleaning contracts. Reliable and thorough services without long-term commitments.

12 Months Plus @ 5% Discount:

Cost-effective long-term cleaning agreements. Enjoy discounts for extended partnerships, Subject to Supply of Labour, Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Materials, and Equipment (Including Consumables).

Deep Clean:

Intensive cleaning for hard-to-reach areas. Our deep cleaning services are ideal for occasional thorough cleans, ensuring every corner is spotless.

Oven Clean:

Removing grease and grime for a spotless oven. Our oven cleaning services contribute to the efficiency and longevity of kitchen appliances.

Communal Area Cleaning:

Cleaning and maintaining shared spaces. Our services enhance the overall living or working environment in communal areas.

Washrooms Cleaning:

Thorough sanitation of restroom facilities. We focus on Odour control and hygiene maintenance in washrooms.

Supply of Labour, Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Materials, and Equipment (Including Consumables):

Full-service cleaning with all necessary supplies. Our inclusive services cover everything from labour to consumables, providing a hassle-free solution.

Supply of Labour, Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Materials, and Equipment (Excluding Consumables):

Comprehensive cleaning service with your provided materials. We ensure the use of your preferred cleaning products.

Supply of Labour Only:

Professional cleaning staff available for your specific needs. Ideal for businesses with existing cleaning supplies.

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